Clean Fresh & Natural (Tannith & Craig Wedding)

There very seldom comes a time in one’s career where you absolutely know the “job” you take on next will stir you in a way that will change you and for a lack of a better word “haunt” you in a way.

I have always threatened to start blogging my shoots, but every time I think with this wedding or shoot I will start, life happens and I just don’t get around to it. I have weddings from literally two years ago that I have not posted much on yet. I am not much of a writer and can sit up to two hours to try and word one sentence semi-correctly, but all who know me know that I speak my truth and hope you understand. I also hope no one will be offended.

I am proud that this amazing woman has inspired me to start. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for choosing me to capture a brief moment in time of her life.


On the morning of the 2nd of  June 2018, I woke up not knowing how the day would go at all. I never knew what to expect and I most certainly had never experienced anything like it. When I got to the venue Lauren (the wedding planner and dear friend of the bride) was busy preparing the last table setups and final touches. Just before I was about to leave the guesthouse, Tannith walked in. I knew it was her even though I had never met her before. I hugged her and my first thoughts were – “does she want to be hugged? Should I hug her a little longer? Will she feel my sadness for her situation? Does she hate me right now for feeling so sad and sorry for her situation right now?, can she feel what I’m thinking right now” It’s really hard to explain, but for one who has never personally lived through or experienced a loved one deal with cancer, one really doesn’t actually quite know how to deal.

I tried as best as I could to just be normal and treat her like any other beautiful bride on her wedding day, but somehow she was just so much more special.

Tannith’s story – a few years ago Tannith was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Even though she had it seen to, cancer later came back and spread throughout her body.

We shot the day in little bits at a time, as even hair and makeup took its toll.

She muzzled up the strength to finally get dressed and make her way out the guesthouse to the wedding car. I could tell that she was in so much pain and that every smile she put was for the sake of those around her. Her 11-year-old son and bridesmaids were by her side every step of the way. The weather wasn’t too great but held out for the most part of it until right after the ceremony. As she walked down the aisle her Craig was awaiting her with so much love and adoration in his eyes. They took a seat and said their vows.

I learned so much that day and also realized how fast our lives can change. I could see her think about everything time and again. There would be moments where I just wanted to tell her how much I couldn’t understand why she had to go through this. I wish I had answers for her and I wish I could have comforted her in a way that I would get her to smile from the bottom of her heart. I could see the sadness and it overpowered almost every moment. The pain she was going through was a constant reminder of the reality that was going to happen. How a young boy would have to grow up without the person who loved him most in the world, and how no amount of meaningless jumping around and jokes behind the camera was going to change that.

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways  -  ISAIAH  55:8 

For every one of us has a purpose for which we were created.

We don’t have any idea what people with terminal cancer have to endure every day. The reality is that any one of us could so easily be hit by a car or die of a heart attack at any other given time, but the reality of knowing is visually quite a different one.

A close friend of Tannith – Lauren put on a social media page that her friend's dream was to get married and that she wanted to do her best to make it happen. There was so much in a pour of love and support from men and woman in our industry to help that it gave me such a sense of pride and happiness knowing that I could be a part of something so special. I would be spending a day not only with Tannith but also with people who like me – for a moment- could only try and put ourselves in her position and knew that if even just the littlest way of giving back could make her a little happier for a moment, then we would go above and beyond to make it happen. Tannith chose me to capture her special moments for that day, just as she and Lauren also chose every other special vendor that contributed to making her day a memorable one.

Thank you to each and every one that was a part of this special wedding, and thank you to Tannith for allowing us to be.


Photography: Billy-Jean Raad –

Videography: Gerhard Bosman -

Bridal Gown: Rene H Couture -

Hair & Makeup: Donna Hay -

Wedding Planner: Lauren Koorts –

Wedding Venue: Tracy -

Getting ready Venue: William -

Flower supplier: Sylvia Bosinger -

Floral Arrangements: Schimoney Leicester -

Wedding Cake 1 (Log): Jolandi -

Wedding Cake 2, Cupcakes & biscuits: Jennifer -

DJ: Brendan -

Marriage Officer: Troy Goldie -

Wedding Car: Danie van Rooyen -

Décor Supplies: Carlos Ferreira -

Platters: Lindie -

Gilda (cheese platters & pre drinks) -

Checkers  -

Pick & Pay -

Garter, Shoes, Veil : Lisl -

Chairs : Carol -

Bride & Bridesmaids Nails : Jolene -

Ring Box & Kids signs : Kim -

Flower Girl Dress: Simoné -

Invites : Sjimone -

Bridal slippers & Bag, Groom Socks & favors (matchboxes) -

Fudge : Deidre -


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